Thursday, 8 May 2014


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Vertical blinds - The major design change for manufactures - new child safety laws

Well today we have installed in Biggleswade our first Louvolite 89mm verticals with WANDS!..

Sound exciting...but for us it is a new look and moving forward will be on all our vertical blind designs. As like others we do not like change until it happens, but to be honest the look and feel is miles better than initially expected. We will have to use this wand system time and time again now and look forward to fitting many more.

It was only last week in the UK that a 3 year old child died as a result of playing hide and seek and then unfortunately finding herself caught up in the cords. The rest is heart breaking news...

So if you are offered blinds from any retailer be sure to ask about their child safety regulations..To be honest we are on a project in London for a client who is more than comfortable with money and we have come across Blind manufactures that are reluctant to move forward..With the legislation at its earliest formation we look forward to SAVING LIVES and improving the blind industry.


Wednesday, 7 May 2014

What makes a good blind..What do consumers need to look for...

Buying Blinds in the UK.......

Made in Britain V Asia

In the UK there are probably around 10 main blind manufactures and these differ from multi- million pound  to a small business set up. On top of this there are around 3 main companies that make components for the manufactures. Louvolite, Eclipse and Decorra there are more but these are the most well known!

So what are we looking for in a good Blind?

At Biggleswade Blinds First and foremost regardless to who is making the blind the most important thing.question to ask is where do the components originate from, These will be the roller brackets, gears, controls and chains. In verticals this will be the track, runners, wands. Venetians tend to be different as they are assembled in the UK.

Let us not be blinkered as we know that there are no major manufacturing goes on the UK anymore..HOWEVER as far as blinds are concerned I believe even though the Asian markets can copy quite good the British components however the quality and life span will not be there.

personally I prefer Louvolite and Eclipse and when dealing with customers know that I am giving a quality life time tested product. Against Asia there is no doubt that their products are far inferior and over a short time will start to decay. I foresee in the next few years that the Asian market will struggle with rising cost and quality gain will suffer.

Fabrics usually and for a good few years now have come from all around the world. I tend not to bother where the fabric has come from however saying this for commercial fabrics Louvolite and Eclipse both have very strong and lifetime lasting options.

To summaries if you are prepared to put cost before quality it may be cheap to initially purchase but you will have to purchase many times again against the UK manufactured...FACT!

At Biggleswade Blinds we strongly suggest to use a professional company that specialise in UK products...


Child Safety


BBSA Video

We have to stop children being killed with the cords from blinds, around 70 children in the last 10 years have lost their lives. this is unacceptable in any area of industry and manufacture. NOW we are all accountable and as a consumer you are accountable for a professional installation. We do not need any mor enews like this please read and see what we can do working with you to further reduce the risk.

Looking for blinds in Biggleswade

Looking for blinds in Biggleswade - well look no further!

We are the local specialist in the area and have a reputation next to none can visit our web site Please look at the video below reference child safety. We can fit to the new EU regulations. If you have any doubt whatsoever please CALL US 01767 360009


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