Thursday, 8 May 2014

Vertical blinds - The major design change for manufactures - new child safety laws

Well today we have installed in Biggleswade our first Louvolite 89mm verticals with WANDS!..

Sound exciting...but for us it is a new look and moving forward will be on all our vertical blind designs. As like others we do not like change until it happens, but to be honest the look and feel is miles better than initially expected. We will have to use this wand system time and time again now and look forward to fitting many more.

It was only last week in the UK that a 3 year old child died as a result of playing hide and seek and then unfortunately finding herself caught up in the cords. The rest is heart breaking news...

So if you are offered blinds from any retailer be sure to ask about their child safety regulations..To be honest we are on a project in London for a client who is more than comfortable with money and we have come across Blind manufactures that are reluctant to move forward..With the legislation at its earliest formation we look forward to SAVING LIVES and improving the blind industry.


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